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Update—Tuesday, 31 October 2017


How's everyone doing this All Hallow's Eve? Busy munching on lollies and getting chocolate smears all over your face?


Know what would be a great accompaniment? The latest issue of The Eloquent Orifice! (Go on, click on the link, we promise there'll be goodies.)

Update—Saturday, 26 August 2017

We can't believe it's been a little more than half a year since our last issue! So much has happened since, and yet so little (in the world) has changed. We seem closer to yet another world war than we've ever been since 1945; there are still people dying from thirst and hunger, when there are people dying from overindulgence; and everything we've sought to transcend takes over, where you're born what your accent sounds like what skin colour you possess what status you have matter more than what it should—the Earth still spins on its axis, everything has changed, and yet nothing truly has. The world is at once disconnected in its almost-globality; we are further from one another now that we're closer.

So with our upcoming issue (slated for October 2017), we're going to be bringing you a collection of varied works from artists and writers who are spread across the world. You'll be moved by Neil Douglas's art, a melancholic checkpoint between surreal memories and reality; you'll be helpless in wrenching poetry and prose that explore what it is to be human, right here, right now.

Till October, then—

P/S It's not too late to submit your work for consideration for this October's issue. Deadline Sunday, 3 September 2017.



Saturday, 11 February 2017


The latest issue of The Eloquent Orifice is now up, featuring British painter, Nathan Walsh, and poetry from different continents!

So, take some time, have a cuppa in your hand, put your feet up, and have a read this weekend!

Sending you love and light, wherever you are, whoever you are—

The Eloquent Orifice team

Featured Works

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Open call for submissions! Don't be shy — we welcome all works!
FEBRUARY 2017 VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2/Volume 5 Issue 1
In this combined issue, we explore the direction the journal will take, and new thought-provoking works. This issue also features the amazing painter Nathan Walsh with an interview on his art practice. Check out Walsh's newest painting, Catching Fire, here!
The first issue of 2016 is now available online! With our Editor-in-Chief, Crispin Rodrigues, based in Singapore, our Creative Director/Editor/Graphic Designer, Geraldine Tan, based in Melbourne, and writers from countries such as America and India, this issue is a truly international one not to be missed.
The second Eloquent Orifice issue of 2015 is out! Featuring a photographic series by photographer Samantha Ann Francis and poems by poets like Rodrigo V Dela Pena Jr, Peter Bakowski, and Geraldine Tan, what are you waiting for?
Our long-awaited 2015 issue is now out! This issue focuses on creative works, complete with a whole new look for the Journal!

Our January 2014 issue of our second volume is now online, kicking off with our interview with British poet, Jasmine Ann Cooray! Check this space regularly for more articles and works for our January issue!



We have launched the first issue of our first volume!

Got a burning question? Ask us! Go ahead, we won't bite.

We would love to hear from you. If you wish to make enquiries on submission & guidelines, or simply have a creative idea to bounce off us, do send us an email at, or simply fill out the form below. We will try our best to answer any questions that you may have!


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